• When Planning a “Dry Wedding”…..

  • dry weddingIf you’ve decided not to include alcohol in your wedding celebration for religious, personal, or even economic reasons, there are some considerations to keep in mind when planning a dry wedding. You’ll have to exercise some creativity, but with these helpful tips, you should have no worries about omitting alcohol from your day.

    Factors When Planning a Dry Wedding:

    Setting the wedding time earlier in the day can not only save you money with the venue but will also lessen the expectation that alcohol will be served.

    Consider having your reception at a venue that doubles as entertainment, such as an art gallery, theme park, or sports arena. This way, people will be too busy participating and exploring the venue to miss even the alcohol.

    You’ll have to come up with some alternatives for the cocktail hour and bar after the ceremony. Serving hot cider or hot chocolate in winter or slushies or ice cream floats in the summertime can be fun replacements for cocktails during the “cocktail hour.” At the “bar,” make sure to have plenty of varieties to please all of your guests, including soft drinks, juices, water, coffee, teas, and energy drinks.

    Many catering services offer up a selection of “mocktails,” such as Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and cosmopolitans that look and taste like the real thing without the alcohol content. There are also several brands of non-alcoholic beer and wine that can satisfy your ale-loving and wine enthusiast guests.

    Having extra hors d’oeuvres, desserts, or special treat like fondue, cotton candy, or popcorn on hand will take the focus off the fact that alcohol is not being served, and instead, allow guests to indulge in other ways.

    Some will argue that a wedding isn’t complete without a champagne toast, but sparkling cider, sparkling water, or ginger ale can be a perfect alternative. This way, the children at your wedding can also be involved in this unique tradition. Or, you can consider replacing this tradition altogether with a heartfelt alternative such as the lighting of a unity candle by the two families or a special reading.

    Some find it hard to get out on the dance floor without a bit of “liquid courage,” so make sure you have a lively DJ or band that can create a fun atmosphere, even in its absence. Consider including games or choreographed dances that will get everyone up and move. Having a hired emcee to keep everyone engaged in the music and activities could be a good investment instead of the alcohol tab.

    To prevent guests from leaving early, have a “grand finale” for the evening, such as a slide show, fireworks, or release of doves or paper lanterns. Give alcohol-drinking guests an after-party alternative by directing them to a local bar, club, or restaurant where they can keep the party going after your reception is over. If you decide to go this route, be sure to hand out the number of a local taxi company as well.

    The other benefits of a non-alcoholic celebration include reduced costs, not having to worry about guests drinking and driving, and reducing the temptation for teens or recovering alcoholics to sneak a drink. It also encourages healthy living, lessens insurance liabilities, prevents a next-morning hangover, and keeps anyone from doing something they may not without alcoholic reinforcement. The dry reception or not, these ideas can be incorporated into any wedding for an individual and creative touch.

    Don’t be pressured by those who don’t agree with your non-alcoholic stance. If a guest is still pestering you, you can always blame cost, religion, or a recovering relative. Keep a firm stance–you may have party crashers who will try to sneak in alcohol or show up already inebriated. If you think they will cause a scene, ask a friend or family member to escort them out. Don’t feel obligated to alert guests beforehand that the reception will be dry. If they are truly there for you, it will not matter. Remember that this is your and your fiancé’s day and that you can celebrate in whichever way you choose. Guests are not entitled to anything but a good time when attending your wedding, and you can give them just that–even without the inclusion of alcohol.

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