• When couples are planning a wedding reception, every aspect is subject to the varied tastes of those participating. Your favorite foods influence your choices for dinner. Your choices of centerpieces reflect your favorite flowers. Your music selection is affected by your favorite radio station and the music you were exposed to while growing up. Each of these choices allows you to put your spin on your special day.

    Looking at it from the other side of the fence (when you are attending someone else’s wedding), you hope you can select a dinner you like, not allergic to the centerpieces and that the music is something that you can dance to.

    How can you predict all of that for all your guests when you’re planning a wedding? You can’t. You can take the position that it is your day and you’ll pick the music, but what would happen if you limited the choices for dinner?… and by the way, you will all be having ___________ for dinner. There is some middle ground where you can get the music you want and ensure that your guests will hear some music they’ll dance to and enjoy.

    What is the best way to balance out your wishes with the yet-to-be-determined tastes of your guests? It all depends on how involved you want to be. At one end of the spectrum is the couple that knows what their song will be (and does not care about the rest of the music). The other end is the couple with a five-hour schedule, complete with each song’s start and end times and a timed itinerary of wedding traditions (including when the guests may clink their glasses). In either case, a significant potential for our happy couples to be disappointed with guest’s participation in the celebration.

    The first couple should tell their DJ at least the following: the kind of music they would generally like to hear for dinner/cocktail (classical, jazz, easy listening, soft rock), some of their favorite groups, any ethnic music that your family may need (polkas, Italian, salsa).

    The second couple should do the same and limit their requests to about half of the songs played, considering the time taken for traditions that come out to about 5-6 songs per hour. That would leave their disc jockey with at least the other half to his or her discretion. In both cases, the couples need to let the DJ know about must-have songs or don’t play, no matter what! For these couples, the Wobble could be a must-have for one, and a don’t play for the other.

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    • We promise Programming and proper timing of the music and skillfully handling requests for a smooth-running day.
    • Fun and personalized dance environment
    • You can expect Performing with an appropriate level of interaction that reflects your personality.

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