How Much Does a
Wedding DJ Cost

“How much should I expect to pay for a Wedding DJ ?.”

“Wedding DJs come in all different shapes and sizes. What Results are you looking for? Then Budget accordingly.

Wedding DJ Price

Wedding DJ Price

The average cost for a 5-hour of Wedding DJ-Wedding DJ cost.

 PORTIONS from the Knot 2/23/2022     DJ

Oddly, you want your reception dance floor packed all night long. That’s why it’s vital to hire top-notch entertainment. Even though a professional wedding DJ costs more than your brother making a Spotify playlist, and a live band at a wedding costs more than your aunt singing covers, the price is worth it. These wedding pros are experts at reading the room and keeping an excellent music flow, so your guests feel comfortable rocking out on the dance floor throughout the night.

But how much does a wedding DJ cost? And how much does a live band at a wedding cost? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. The price depends on many factors, so it’s best to consult any wedding vendors you’re interested in personally to get their cost estimate. In the meantime, we surveyed over 15,000 couples as part of The Knot Real Weddings Study to determine the average price people dropped on their wedding reception music last year.

A wedding DJ is your best choice if you prefer various genres, sounds, and artists. While the average wedding DJ cost does vary, the average amount couples spent in this category last year was $1,400.

According to our data, this is a slight increase from past years—in 2019, the national average cost of a wedding DJ was $1,200. Of course, the wedding DJ price you end up paying will depend on how long you book the DJ for (will the DJ play music during the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour?), the number of DJs, and the amount of equipment required. Wedding DJs typically cost less than a live band, as they’re only one or two people. Where you’re getting married also impacts a DJ’s price range. For example, in LOUISVILLE, KY, couples spent the most on a DJ (about $2,500), while EVANSVILLE IN, couples spent the least (a little over $1,400). Still, every DJ (and DJ company) is different and has different pricing—so it’s best to check with them specifically.

However, most couples deem it a worthy expense, as 67 percent reported hiring a professional wedding DJ last year. The popularity of the vendor is likely attributed to the range of music they offer during your reception. With a great DJ, you can rock out to your favorite ’90s throwback, your current pop obsession, and your extra-special first dance song. Wedding DJs can also act as an emcee for the event, which can help to keep the energy up throughout the night (read: more people out on the dance floor). And some DJs can provide additional services, such as photo booths and uplighting.

How Much Does a Live Band for a Wedding Cost?

However, a live band gives guests a memorable experience on YOUR wedding day. We recommend working with a professional live wedding band because they’re expert musicians with wedding experience—which means they know how to work the room. But that expertise does come at a price. According to an internal study, a live band at a wedding costs $4,300—a $600 increase from 2019. This investment in live music is likely related to a renewed focus on the guest experience. During the pandemic, packed dance floors were a no-go, so now that dance parties are possible, guests are going all out with their entertainment, even if it means a wedding budget splurge.

The average price for a 5-hour wedding can vary depending on your desired quality, the results you are looking for, and where you’re getting married. Here is a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for certain kinds of DJs in the Tri-State: Evansville, Southern Indiana, Illinois, and the Western Kentucky Region.

 $500 – $800, most likely a part-time hobbyist. Your cousin…. OR A TOP DJ ON A WEDNESDAY

$800 – $995 More experience than the beginners, but most likely a part-time DJ.

$1,200 – $2,500 + Most experienced, professionally trained, full-time DJ.

The $500 -$895  range DJs are more prone to making mistakes because they don’t have or take the time to prepare for your wedding. After all, they probably have another full-time job so they can focus less on the success of your wedding! If this is your budget, you might find a gem in this group, but you risk having a DJ who is not well-prepared or just wings it.

The $1200 – $2,500 DJs are making this for a reason. It is typical because they are well-trained, experienced professionals who do it for a living and commit to ensuring their weddings are as close to perfect as possible. They do not have another job getting in the way of ensuring everything is perfect. They typically spend 20-40 hours confirming that your 4-6-hour wedding reception is flawless. This kind of preparation shows through in their accessibility to help you with questions, coordination, and suggestions to help drive the success of your wedding.

Consider hiring Spectrum Sound as a cost-effective solution to achieve the results you desire for your special day in Evansville, Jasper, Indiana, Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas across southern Indiana and western Kentucky.

At Spectrum Sound, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results for your wedding day. As your DJ, MC, event planner, and day-of-event coordinator, we are dedicated to achieving two primary goals for your event: making sure you and your parents feel like guests and ensuring your guests leave saying that they had a great time and that everything was perfectly in line with your style and vibe.

Our success lies in our communication skills and attention to detail. We listen carefully to our client’s needs and preferences and customize everything to ensure your event is stress-free and memorable. With decades of experience in the industry, we collaborate closely with other professionals to provide you with the best value and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming, and we are here to help take one thing off your plate. Brides hire us to take responsibility for their wedding day so they can relax and enjoy it. We offer value-based services and customize everything, including pricing/proposals for our clients, to provide you with the best options depending on your selections and expected results.

Price is just one element of selecting a DJ, and we encourage you to set aside some time to talk to us so that we can explain the value we will provide you with from beginning to end. To learn more about our services and the results we can deliver, we recommend scheduling a virtual zoom/phone call. Alternatively, if you want to ensure you keep your date, please call us, and we can work out the rest of the details.

Partner with us to create an unforgettable wedding day that meets and exceeds your expectations. We look forward to working with you and providing you with a stress-free and memorable experience you will be happy with. Thank you for considering Spectrum Sound.

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What kind of results Do you want at your
Wedding Reception

You’ve already said “I do” to the person of your dreams, now it’s time to say “I do” to the wedding DJ of your dreams. You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now, it’s going to be a reality.

Understanding the Average Cost of a Wedding DJ

What kind of results Do you want at your Wedding Reception?

I’d love to give you pricing and help you have a fantastic wedding.

I want to ensure that I don’t leave out anything important to you or charge you for anything you don’t need.

Contact us; let me get a few details to give you the best price on the things you need.

What to Expect & What’s Included

Pricing for any event depends on the following:

  • Type of event (wedding, corporate event, etc.)
  • Date and times that you require service
  • Size of the event (number of guests)
  • Venue and Location(s) (In what room(s) or area(s) will the event take place)
  • Services and Equipment Required (Do you need coverage in more than one location?)
  • Additional or unusual circumstances (Holiday weekend, in a barn 200 miles away, etc.)

Our Preliminary Survey Form will step you through selecting the necessary or desired services. Then, let us provide you with a detailed estimate immediately via email or phone, and then see if it makes sense to set up a free ZOOM VIDEO consultation.

DJ/MC Packages Most OF OUR DJ/MC events are charged by the all-inclusive package, not by a simple hourly rate, due to the total amount of time we will spend on your event, not just the “service” time.

  • DJ/MC Services, of course,
  • Event Planning Services
  • Access to Online Planning System
  • Travel, setup, strike & breakdown
  • A Happy BRIDE!

Packages usually cover a range of 4 to 7 hours of “performance” time, depending on details.

Our Clientele consists of Happy Brides, Happy Grooms, and a Bunch of Happy Guests.

Weekday weddings are considerably less; Holiday weekends may be more. Inquire About DJ/MC Packages. THE PRICE RANGE MAY VARY


Spectrum Sound is here to make your big day perfect. We have been providing the best wedding entertainment for over 30 years and are experts at creating a seamless experience without hassle or stress! Our DJs will expertly take care of everything from start to finish, so you can enjoy yourself on this occasion confidently, knowing that we’ve covered it from A–Z.

If you’re planning a wedding in Southern Indiana, Illinois, or Western Kentucky and want a Great Wedding DJ, Contact the Wedding Professionals at Spectrum Sound. And schedule a Free, no-hassle consult to get pricing. Give us a call OR TEXT at (812) 431-8085

Did you know? Spectrum Sound Wedding DJs will put an average of 15-30 hours of total time into a wedding.

This includes Initial Meetings, Phone Calls, Consultations & Admin • Planning Meetings & Preparation • Delivery, Setup & Strike, • Working the Actual Event • Follow up, Admin & Close-out.

Wedding DJ  /Average Price

  • Lighting Packages

Event Lighting is priced similarly to DJ/MC services – by the package. You can save additional money if you add them to the DJ/MC package above. All lighting packages include:

  • Lighting design & planning services
  • Necessary equipment/fixtures
  • Cabling, connectors, shrouding
  • Delivery, setup, strike & pickup (Included when a part of a DJ/MC package above)*

*We can also provide event lighting as a standalone service, where delivery, setup, strike, and pickup will be included in the price.

Most wedding and formal event Décor lighting packages are typically priced between $300 and $2,000, ranging from Uplighting Only to Multi-option packages consisting of Gobo Monogram Projections, Pin spotting, and similar event lighting designed for weddings and formal events. More significant events or lighting services like String or Market Lighting will require a custom quote. Inquire About Lighting AND OTHER ENHANCEMENTS

  • Everything will be communicated upfront and subsequently put in your Contract.
  • There are never hidden charges, and sales tax is not required for “Services Rendered.”
  • We ALWAYS offer discounts for multi-item Packages. The more items that you desire/require, the bigger the value.

Fine Print

  • For DJ/MC Packages, there is a minimum package price for Saturday evening weddings between April and December.
  • All prices include Service charges & Taxes. There is nothing hidden, ever.
  • Gratuity / Tip is 100% discretionary; we will never require or ask for it.
  • Any additional charges or rates will always be disclosed within the agreed Contract and never assessed w/o your knowledge.
  • Holiday and Special weekends generally are priced at a higher rate, and Midweek (Sunday-Thursdays) are usually lower.
  • Surcharges may be applicable for travel beyond 50 miles each way.

We know that your wedding day WILL only happen once in your lifetime. It is our prerogative to get it right the first time. We only achieve this by listening closely to your needs and carefully planning and preparing the event to ensure it is successful. Let us detail our “unique” attributes so that you can give an informed opinion...

What makes Spectrum Sound Unique?

Experience   We have provided our services for 30+ years, which means we have seen it all. We can facilitate the most unusual requests, comprehend potential problems, and address them.

 Collaboration   We work with your other hired professionals (photographer, caterer, venue manager, etc.) to create Synergy so that the day flows seamlessly.

Details and Planning   We will meet with the prospective bride and groom several times to discuss arrangements and ensure clarity. We even visit the venue to visualize the setup and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Unique and Personal   Spectrum Sound do not believe weddings should be a generic experience. Each wedding should reflect the personality of both the bride and groom. We make an extra effort to address the most challenging requests, ensuring that your wedding is a personal, tailor-made occasion.

Within Budget, Spectrum Sound is innovative and flexible, which guarantees we can design a cutting-edge program that does not exceed your budget. Feel free to discuss your budgetary concerns at our meeting.

Spectrum Sound is renowned for providing an unforgettable experience. Most of our new clients have occurred through recommendations from other satisfied customers. We believe that this is a testament to the high-quality experience.

Here is a small sample that reflects the feedback we receive:

 “At the reception, he was the man behind the scenes. First, he made sure the cake lady was ready for the announcement. Then, he brought us our first evening drink and set the tone for the evening. His voice is incredible and what I loved was that the reception was about us… I’ve been to a few where the DJs take over, and he was far from that.”

“The first time I spoke with Terry, I immediately had an excellent rapport and felt he was just as interested in our wedding as we were in his service. He always ensured the information was available if I needed questions answered and even helped me with other aspects of wedding planning. He has tremendous knowledge in the industry and knows how to make your wedding feel unique. So if you want things to feel well-directed and smooth on your big day, I recommend them!”

“Terry tailored our day for us. We didn’t want to do things considered “traditional reception” events, like the bouquet toss and garter toss. But he didn’t try to push us into anything we didn’t want. Very respectful!

DJ Terry Tunks and his talented DJ team have entertained thousands of wedding receptions and events.

All documents and Articles given by Terry Tunks and Spectrum Sound may not be reproduced, including copying elements design.


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