• Video Dance Party

  • Video Dance Party

    Enhance your event! With a Video Dance Party!

    Video Dance Party



    We will play all your favorite music videos and songs on our giant 8’ Television screen. We can also include pictures of your wedding or event and put them up on our screen and mix them into the show. Imagine seeing you exchange your vows on the screen. Mix in visualizations, pictures, scrolling text at the bottom of the screen & music videos, and we have a GREAT event! Our sound system will rock your crowd.  We carry an inventory of strictly high-resolution videos sure to please any musical taste. Consider a retro dance party theme, hot country or the latest from today’s top charts. We use video software to offer varied transitioning from one video to the next, providing a seamless audio-visual experience. CheckCheck out what you get:·  Our Giant 8’ screen·  Over 32 Thousand Music Videos

    ·  Our exciting DJ / VJ party host

    ·  Some rooms we can project on the wall for a HUGE PICTURE

    Multimedia  check this out for ideas on ways to increase the video value at your next event       

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