Up Lighting
An Amazing Tool

Uplight your event with the best of them! Spectrum Sound’s equipment ensures that every wedding, corporate or social affair is lit beautifully.

Uplighting is a great way to highlight architectural features, and uplights placed at points around the perimeter will do just that.

Uplighting is the perfect way to set a dramatic mood at your reception. However, with any other type of decor, there are specific guidelines that a bride and groom should follow when planning the Lighting at their reception.


Hire A Professional Up Lighting:

Uplighting is a great way to add ambiance and beauty to any event. But hiring an inexperienced person could result in poorly placed up-lighters, which would look bad from every angle! On the other hand, skilled lighting techs know where best to put the lights to create architectural effects and an aesthetically pleasing appearance overall.


Here are some great color combinations for your uplight lights. For example, please don’t pick a dull white or gray because it won’t pop against the wall! Favorite colors among weddings are aqua and dark purple- make sure to use these in combination with other hues like magenta so guests can easily find their way around while drinking alcohol at night.
To make your uplight stand out, it’s essential to pick a color that will pop off the wall. For example, if you already have neutral or subtle colors and want something special for this event, don’t choose black – go with an accent color instead! Lighting effects like these lets people see what they’re missing without dominating their surroundings too much- softer tones are best suited for couples looking for less intensity during celebrations than those who prefer bright lights.

Equipment LED or Incandescent?Uplighting-Beore and after

A lighting company might use several different types of lights at special events. Most companies use LED lights or Incandescent cans/fixtures. Spectrum Event Design recommends that you always request LED uplights. LED uplights do not heat up like Incandescent cans, which can become a safety issue, especially with small children at the wedding. Incandescent fixtures also use more power (more noticeable cords), and there is a limit on color choice. Incandescent cans use colored gel paper to cover the lamp. Unfortunately, if the color isn’t exactly to your liking on the day of the event, there is no way to change the shade. Not a problem when using LED uplights. With LED up lights, your lighting technician can instantly change the color of your up lights.

Number of Fixtures:

Most of our brides request between twenty and thirty uplights for their reception. The number of lights depends on how large the Room is accepted. Going overboard with up lights can thoroughly wash the entire Room, and your wedding pictures will have a colored tint. On the other hand, it will be painfully noticeable to you and your guests if a whole wall is missing lights. Columns, doorways, and corners are critical architectural spots to accent with lights.

Set The Mood:

You can create a romantic or dance club mood with just the right color up-lighting. For example, if you’re looking for something more subtle but still dramatic, try using pink light lights on both sides of your reception space to create soft illumination while giving off an intimate atmosphere in comparison!

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What other enhancements do you offer?

Monogram Name in Lights

Wow, your guests, by branding your wedding by designing your monogram. You might have your monogram on printed materials like your save the dates, invitations, menu, cocktail napkins, favors, gift bags, …anywhere! But don’t stop there… it can now be displayed prominently at your reception too! This bright, crisp, customized image can be projected anywhere you like. Choose a wall or put it on the dance floor! This is the real deal if you want something to pop. You won’t have to worry. It won’t go unnoticed. And it’s even available to display in colors!


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