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Tri-state weddings range widely from classic traditional affairs to parties at the club to extravaganzas with hundreds upon hundreds of guests. Given the sheer diversity of Tri-state wedding possibilities, it’s no surprise that potential clients are often bewildered by their entertainment choices. Fortunately, our DJ services—SpectrumSound.com—can integrate into any wedding situation.

Whether you’re looking for background ambiance to set a funky flair or create a full-on entertainment package, we Have what you want. We’ve performed at over 5,000 events in the Tri-state area over the past 35 years, and much of our business comes from repeat clients. Our professionalism, know-how, and crowd intuition set us apart from other wedding DJs. Fun SpectrumSound.com Wedding DJs. Our DJs are also entertaining folks who love to make people happy. We can assist you with events at your reception, such as the father-daughter dance, the best man’s toast, the cutting of the cake, and even the grand entrance of the bride and groom. Our transportable lighting and sound equipment are state-of-the-art, and we can adapt to wherever your wedding reception is set.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service MC, a music master, or merely on-the-side entertainment, we will provide reliable service. Unlike wedding bands, our DJs are moderately priced, AFFORDABLE, take NO breaks between sets and have master-of-ceremony skills. They can play a perfectly tailored selection of wedding music–chosen by you–for hours on end. Browse the website at spectrumsound.com for more details on turning your wedding reception into a memorable bash.

What other enhancements do you offer?

Monogram Name in Lights

Wow, your guests, by branding your wedding by designing your monogram. You might have your monogram on printed materials like your save the dates, invitations, menu, cocktail napkins, favors, gift bags, …anywhere! But don’t stop there… it can now be displayed prominently at your reception too! This bright, crisp, customized image can be projected anywhere you like. Choose a wall or put it on the dance floor! This is the real deal if you want something to pop. You won’t have to worry. It won’t go unnoticed. And it’s even available to display in colors!

Multi-Media Slide Shows

Many clients want to show a video or photo montage. Depending on the layouts, we can provide the projector and have different video screens to showcase your movie during your reception. Also, we make sure everyone can hear everything as well. These slide shows are great for dinner, so we typically run the show for about an hour. However, other arrangements can be made. For example, some people switch to having music videos played during the dancing portion.

Here are some other uses for video screens:

  • Candid Photos throughout your reception and or wedding day
  • Presentation of your cinematographer’s Same Day Edit (SDE)
  • Display your pro photographer’s images
  • Custom presentations for speeches or toasts
  • Display of shots or live video feed from the photo booth


Video Montage

You can provide up to 100 pictures in either digital or hard copy form. Your montage will be created with your specifications to the music of your choice. We can scan and color-correct images if needed. Also, we provide you a copy of the montage so you can share it with the family.

Music Videos DJ

Do you want something that none of the other weddings have? You should consider music videos. Most companies cannot provide this because they do not have the extensive library needed to perform a music video show. We have been pioneers at video mixing and have one of the largest music video libraries in the country. By playing videos or ambient videos, the screens will act as an exciting, contemporary, and visually stimulating compliment to the music. Video gives your guests entertainment and motivation boost to get on the dance floor!



Do you have a family full of entertainers or one willing to embarrass themselves, and you want something fun to do? Perhaps during dinner, Karaoke is the way to go. Often, clients want to have an after-party the next day or at a private lounge, and we can provide the setup for memories to be had. Just ask if it is something you are thinking of incorporating.


Bass Speakers

 Our sound systems are top-of-the-line and will rock any party, but bass speakers allow for a richer sound that makes people want to dance. So often, our weddings are outside, and the sound gets carried away in the open space, so we must turn it up; with a bass speaker add-on, we can keep the volume the same without losing the sound because it stays more centralized, and you can feel it.


Remote Location Setups

Do you need music in a place where there is no power? No Problem, we got you covered. Depending on your needs, we have both Battery Powered speakers and Generators to handle situations that need more. Some Places do not have power for the ceremony, so this is where our remote systems come in handy.


360 Video

Capture the fun of the Photo Booth, Ceremony, Dance floor, and other highlights of your day with our video capture system.

If you want to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ professionals and music programmers in the TRI-STATE area, call my office at 1.812.401.4931. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation. So pick up the phone and call or text 1-812-401-4931 today!

Terry Tunks: 44 W Camp Ground Rd. Evansville, In 47710 812-401-4931


Spectrum Sound Email:
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You’ve already said “I do” to the person of your dreams, now it’s time to say “I do” to the wedding DJ of your dreams. You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now, it’s going to be a reality.

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