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    There is a lot of misinformation about how to audition your DJ, and we would like to give you the straight scoop.

    There is a lot of misinformation about auditioning for a DJ;

    I want to give you the straight scoop. Whether or not you should visit a DJ at a wedding has been a long-debated topic among DJs and brides. However, common sense tells me that there is a simple answer.

    Audition your DJ

    A DJ that openly invites you to visit them ‘on the job at another couple’s wedding should say that they will ask strangers to YOUR wedding. I feel this is in bad taste, but no one wins in this situation.

    When strangers arrive at a wedding, it creates a split loyalty between the performing DJ. THE DJ focuses on ‘auditioning’ for the prospects and may put the actual wedding client’s agenda second to ‘show off. Audition your DJ

    The uninvited guests peeking in the room or standing against the wall are extremely distracting to the guests and the DJ. I also feel they are just as uncomfortable being there as unwelcome. Besides, they will never understand the DJ’s service unless they stay the entire evening, which is highly inappropriate.

    audition your DJ

    So when is the right time to meet your DJ? The best time to complete your DJ at a private meeting is when you have their undivided attention. Your DJ can bring a highlight video demonstrating different formalities and how they handle
    them at a reception. I don’t mean a highly edited, flashy video designed to make them look good. That’s not the point here. But you don’t have to hold up a wall for 6 hours to see how the formalities are run.

    You will be able to discuss YOUR reception in exceptional detail, see if the DJ is a good match for you, and hear suggestions on making your reception unique and unforgettable. Only trust your reception to a professional you trust and believe in their approach.

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    Our promise to you is to spend time uncovering and understanding the details that Will make your Event successful. Spectrum Sound has spent countless hours researching the industry to provide you with the best in all aspects of event production. In addition, we offer pre-event planning and can recommend additional experts to ensure excellence. Thank you for visiting our site.

    Spectrum Sound takes pride in being reputable professionals who deliver an unbeatable DJ Service. We have changed the expectations of wedding parties and event planners for whom we have worked. Spectrum Sound provides a breakthrough service. We have built an impressive reputation due to our attention to detail, sensitivity, and considerable work ethic. We pride ourselves on being memorable DJs for the right reasons. We genuinely care that you are satisfied with the unique experience.

    A business that describes itself as unique may sound predictable. However, we have reliable and extensive experience that adds credibility to these claims. We have built a diverse client base that recommends us because we are conscientious, responsible, and reliable. We have earned numerous glowing references. Our innovative solutions to complex requirements wowed clients. Our extensive effort to achieve the nearly impossible is evident to all who use our services.

    Spectrum Sound delivers a comprehensive service that makes us unique. However, we offer so much more.  

    • A custom timeline/schedule that fulfills your requirements.
    • A personal meeting with the bride, groom, and family members
    • Coordinating the flow with photographers, caterers, and other vendors
    • Master of Ceremony duties: Organize the wedding party and make all announcements, including introductions and formalities.
    • We promise Programming and proper timing of the music and skillfully handling requests for a smooth-running day.
    • Fun and personalized dance environment audition your DJ
    • You can expect to perform with an appropriate level of interaction that reflects your personality.


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    Complete Wedding  – SpectrumSound.com If you want to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ professionals and music programmers in the TRI-STATE area, call my office at 1-812-431-8085, and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation. You will get my honest, expert advice hassle-free, even if you decide not to hire me. So pick up the phone and call 1-812-401-4931 today!

    Best Regards, Terry Tunks Owner audition your DJ

    DJ Terry Tunks and his talented DJ team have entertained thousands of wedding receptions and events. Evansville, Indiana; Newburgh, Indiana. Owensboro, KY, and across Southern Indiana and Kentucky. In towns like JASPER, NEW HARMONY, FERDINAND, FRENCH LICK, WEST BADEN, HUNTINGBURG, AND SANTA CLAUS, IN. He was based in Louisville, KY, because of Coca–Cola’s sponsorship. However, SPECTRUM SOUND is just as comfortable entertaining small groups at a casual affair as 18,000 at the THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE DERBY CELEBRATION.

    Spectrum Sound Serving as a DJ/MC/VJ, Lighting and Sound Technician, and Event Planner Coordinator. Your Facilitator to Ensure your Special Event is an Enormous Success! Terry Tunks has been a professional Dj since 1974. You may email him at terry@spectrumsound.com

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