• Party Secrets From an Indiana Event Planner

  • You’re planning a big event.  Maybe it’s a Family Celebration, a company event, a fundraiser, or something else That involves scores of people.  But one thing for Sure: you have high hopes it’s going to be fun for everyone. Everyone that is, except you.Why?  You know from experience that too often, the person in the charge of making an event happen only gets noticed if Something goes wrong.  Even if things do go well, you’ll be too busy making sure things keep going well to enjoy yourself.

    But even though you’re the event planner, you can have a Good time at the event.  Not only can you enjoy your event when it happens, but you can also cut down on the stress leading up To the event.  The trick is not to take on planning the event alone–even if no one has volunteered to help out, and even if you have no staff.

    How?  The answer lies in one little secret

    Get a DJ.

    A DJ Makes an EventPlanner’s Life Easier

    This secret to stress-free event planning does seem too Obvious to be true, but it is a 100% proven fact.  Here’s what a DJ does for you: Makes less work for you.  You’ll be free to focus on the location, invitations, catering–or just enjoying yourself.

    You might have trouble believing this if you think of a DJ As a human jukebox.  In reality, a good DJ can do more than Just play music. A DJ can help make sure the whole event goes well, both in the event planning and in the execution. Lighting and sound engineer, master of ceremonies, the scheduler of party games–the DJ can wear many hats for you, or stay in the background, if you wish.

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    The Spectrum Sound MC DJ Smooths the flow of social events.  You’ve got dozens or hundreds of people who only see each other occasionally, if
    At all, sitting next to each other.  The inevitable uncomfortable silences will be a lot less awkward when There’s music playing.  In fact, since music almost always puts people in a good mood, those awkward silences may not be inevitable at all.

    Makes the event unique.  No one can say the event was just a get-together–or worse, a meeting with a few snacks thrown In–when a professional DJ was there.  When you need to make an impression, a professional DJ does the job.

    Takes the pressure off you and family, friends, and co-workers. Whenever anyone speaks or does anything on stage, there are Guaranteed to be a few critics in the house.  Better the object of criticism is someone you’ve hired for the day NOT You, your boss, or your father-in-law.  You may Have heard horror stories of DJs Killing an event.  But having someone else to blame if someone doesn’t have a good time is one of the hidden benefits of having a DJ. Aunt Martha or Jim from Accounts Receivable didn’t like the Music you selected?  Don’t argue.  Just blame the DJ.

    Studies show that a year after an event, most attendees have forgotten what food  served, and even such specifics as The location.  The one thing people do remember is whether Or not they had fun.  Don’t leave that important memory
    To chance.  Hire an exceptional DJ.

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    DJ/MC/VJ Terry Tunks and his talented team of entertainers have entertained at any thousands of events over the years. Evansville, Indiana, Newburgh, Indiana, Owensboro, KY and all across Southern Indiana and Kentucky. In towns like JASPER, FERDINAND, FRENCH LICK, NEW HARMONY, WEST BADEN, HUNTINGBURG, AND SANTA CLAUS, IN. Based at one time in Louisville, KY As a result of sponsorship of Coca – Cola. SPECTRUM SOUND is just as comfortable entertaining small groups at a casual affair to 18,000 at the THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE DERBY CELEBRATION.

    Spectrum Sound Serving as a DJ/MC/VJ, Lighting and Sound Technician, Event Planner Coordinator. Your Facilitator to Ensure, your Special Event, is an Enormous Success!

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