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    Question of the Week (THIS IS A HUGE ONE)

    This week Mia, Debra, and Amy all asked the same question. It is a great question and one we get almost every day. Wedding Receptions


    Can I see SpectrumSound.com  at a future wedding reception? Or do you have a video of your DJs?


    No, and No! When people are asking these questions, they are asking. How do I know your DJs can make my reception fun and memorable? How can I trust that your DJs can get the job done?

    I’ll tell you when we talk how you can be assured you are getting a great DJ, but first, let me explain why I say ‘No and No.’

    When I began my company, I always let prospective clients (with permission of the bride and groom) visit wedding receptions. After all, this is what all the wedding guides tell you to do, Although they have zero experience and never DJ/MC’d anything.

    When the people visited, they first had to arrive at the precise time that the party was cooking, AND it had to be just what THEY had in mind. Each reception is custom-tailored to each client.

    They would arrive during dinner, or in the middle of the first dance, etc., and it was ALWAYS disruptive. I had to focus on them and the bride and groom all simultaneously. It just doesn’t work.

    People would show up at formal weddings in shorts, jeans, and, yes, summer halter tops. So I put an end to it. It’s unfair to the bride and groom and wouldn’t be acceptable to you.

    Now, how about videos? The worst DJ in the world can gather video images from when things were going well. They are a massive waste of your time. Have you ever listened to a great CD and then was wildly disappointed when you saw

    Them live? Same thing.


    “Contact us to check our availability!”

    DJ/MC/VJ Terry Tunks and his talented team of entertainers have entertained thousands of events over the years. Evansville, Indiana; Newburgh, Indiana; Owensboro, KY; Southern Indiana, and Kentucky. In towns like JASPER, FERDINAND, NEW HARMONY, FRENCH LICK, WEST BADEN, HUNTINGBURG, AND SANTA CLAUS, In. They were based in Louisville, KY, due to Coca–Cola’s sponsorship. However, SPECTRUM SOUND is just as comfortable entertaining small groups at a casual affair as 18,000 at the THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE DERBY CELEBRATION.

    Spectrum Sound Serving as a DJ/MC/VJ, Lighting and Sound Technician, and Event Planner Coordinator. Your Facilitator to Ensure your Special Event is an Enormous Success!  

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