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    All the Tri-State! Evansville, Princeton, Jasper, Huntingburg, Owensboro, Henderson, Madisonville, Louisville.

    Profession video slideshows are an excellent way for you and your guests to share your memories.

    The Video Slideshow sometimes called the “picture montage” or “DVD Picture Show,” is a beautiful way to capture your history. In images or any moment and show your guests and further, be able to retain and view the memories Forever!

    Video Picture Slide Show Presentations

    I take your photos, images, and even full-motion video, then and add captions, transitions to create a video slideshow – all set to the music of your choice. These are great to show during the reception or even during Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, or Bridal Showers.

    What’s included with Our Video Slide Show Presentations?

    It’s a complete package deal. You hand me the pictures, and I do the rest.

    75-100 Pictures added

    FREE scanning of your photographs

    FREE necessary enhancement of images for video use

    Transitions fade, effects, credits

    Three (3) DVDs or / USB drives – perfect for gifts

    Projection Equipment


    Video Slide Show and Projection Equipment during the reception

    Not only do I create the slideshow for you, but I also have the video projection equipment necessary to project/show your movie. (Also available if you have someone else make your film)

    Video Slide Shows Perfect for Other Events

    They are also great for anniversary parties, special corporate events, and any other activity, group event including:


    Birth Announcements



    Photo Archives

    Memorial Service

    Parties or other special events


    Use a ballpoint pen to number the photos. Be sure to allow the ink to dry before stacking pictures. DO NOT use any marker (Sharpie, etc.).

    Digital camera photos can also be used (in addition to paper photos). Name each file with the number it corresponds to in your order (3 digits). For example, you may have paper photos at 076, 077, then want a digital camera image (078.jpg), followed by a photo at 079. Put your digital photos on a USB drive, and bring them with your photos.

    Remove all photos from albums and frames.

    Avoid using paper clips because they can scratch the surface of your photos. Instead, use an envelope to keep your photos together.

    Non-rectangular pictures (photos cut into shapes or irregular sizes) may need graphic editing at an additional charge.

    If you plan to mail your order to us, enclose all the photos and slides in a zippered plastic bag to protect you from moisture. Then send the pictures to us in a well-padded envelope or box.


    Note: Your Photos Must Be In Our Hands At Least 3 Weeks Before Your Event Date to Assure Completion of Your Video.


    Contact us to reserve your slideshow today.

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    The day of your wedding is a magical time where you get to celebrate with those who mean the most. To help make this momentous occasion extraordinary, we at Spectrumsound.com put our expertise and creative minds together for an unforgettable experience just right around what's important about both events: YOU!