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    The photos. Choosing the right photographer for you, and what to do if you don’t like having your photograph taken.

    Many of our clients tell us they worry about this, and we can sympathize. For example, Becky hates having her photo taken, and Jon would rather hide behind a big camera! However, many of our couples tell us that when they see their wedding photos, the first thing that springs to mind is how they felt when the photo was taken. And that stands out in the pictures. Have they relaxed, happy brides? Relaxed, happy pictures. So you and your photographer need to collaborate to create the right mood because these are the images that will last a lifetime.

    Here are a few things you can think about to help you feel more relaxed and confident:

    1. If you’ve followed our articles on how to have a relaxed, fun wedding, you’ll be comfortable and having fun. So far, so good.

    2. You’ll look fabulous. Remember those lovely people you’ve asked to do your hair and makeup? They’ll do you proud.

    3. You’ve chosen the dress of all dresses, and you’ll look fantastic in it. Still not convinced? Please take a look at your groom’s face the first time he sees you walking down the aisle towards him.

    4. You’ll find your fiancé scrubs up pretty well too!

    And the second piece of the equation is. TRUST.

    If you’re going to relax in front of the camera, you need to trust that your photographer understands you and gets your wedding vision. Otherwise, you can’t let go of the awkwardness, relax into the photoshoot, and trust them to get great shots.

    So what do you do?

    First, choosing the right Photographer In Evansville is paramount.

    5. Choose a professional wedding Photographer In Evansville, so the photos are one less thing to worry about. Wanting to grab the camera from the photographer isn’t a good sign.

    6. Choose someone you trust and get along with, and you can relax some more and have fun together.

     Next, get to know your photographer and build up a rapport.

    7. Make sure your photographer offers a consultation meeting to plan the day. Please spend some time in your discussion, getting to know them a little better so that you feel comfortable with them. Some of our best photography has come when the relationship with our couple has been less “client-supplier” and more “real friends, one of whom happens to take gorgeous pictures.”

     8. Take your photographer for a test drive! Book a pre-wedding shoot with your favorite Photographer In Evansville to make sure you feel comfortable and get used to having your photo taken.

     9. Do some homework – look through photographers’ portfolios, your friends’ albums, wedding magazines, and decide which shots work for you – and which ones don’t. Tell your photographer during your consultation if you’d love to be photographed with your groom giving you a piggyback along the beach, but that being lifted horizontally by a group of grinning groomsmen just isn’t you. Or the other way round. Give a professional wedding photographer With some inspiration and Watch what they do with it!

    Photographer In Evansville

    Photographer In Evansville

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