• What is it Like to be a Wedding Entertainer?

  • Imagine you have a boss at your job that you must complete a project for in one day.  The project needs to be perfect; it is the most important project in your bosses’ career. There is no room for mistakes or excuses. No chance for a do-over.

    Now imagine that after you complete that project your Boss immediately leaves and In walks a new Boss that is completely different, and you must do it all over again.

    Now imagine you must do that every single week with zero room for error.

    It takes a great deal of preparation and awareness of your clients’ goals and expectations in order to be successful in the wedding industry.

    It takes commitment, dedication, and caring for clients and their events.

    But it is all worth it!

    Hat’s off to all the wedding vendors’ great repeatable results every week.

    H Gambardella 8/3/2018