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    The Two Most Important Things You Need To Know To Choose A Evansville D.J.

    A Evansville DJ

    1) NEVER ASSUME what an Evansville D.J. should already know. 

    It’s your event, and you see what you want the D.J. to do – the D.J. can only guess until thoroughly informed. So you need to give your D.J. as much information as possible.

    2) When you pay for disc jockeys’ services, you are the boss, and THEY WORK FOR YOU.

    Tell them in advance what is needed, required, and expected. It’s their job to bring equipment, have and play the music that you contracted for, be appropriately attired, etc

     there are topics to discuss and questions to ask – (The cost of hiring a D.J. also depends on the answers to these issues & questions)

    1) Make a list of exactly what you want your D.J. to do and not do.

    Just play music and don’t talk? Want the D.J. to make announcements and maybe play the role of an MC? Do you want your D.J. to appear sophisticated at all times? Be interactive? Be a party animal? Give dance lessons or don’t give dance lessons? Be a singer or don’t sing? Also, be a karaoke host or no karaoke? Be commonly referred to as a regular D.J.? etc.?

    TIP >>> Most D.J.s cannot handle all these different facets, so you need to choose one capable of honoring your wishes. For example, some D.J.s prefer dance instructors, singers, or karaoke hosts more than a D.J. Some won’t be an MC. Some don’t talk; others won’t shut up. Some are strictly sophisticated; some insist on being the life of the party. Now that you know this critical starting point, some will be perfect for your event.

    TIP >>> What is an MC? An MC (a.k.a. emcee, announcer, and master of ceremonies. Someone designated to make announcements and guide attendees during formalities, events at an event, games, special moments, etc.


    Crucial. Make sure the D.J. will have the music you want at your event. Do you want a variety of music or perhaps just Club, Top-40, Oldies, Hip Hop, Country? Try to find a D.J. that specializes in the music that you want.

    TIP #1 >>> Variety music Evansville DJ.s are the most expensive because they must be knowledgeable about many different types of music. Deal with the astronomical cost of buying many more Downloads—time learning/listening more than someone specializing in just one genre. Also, not many D.J.s will have a printed list of their music if their collection is vast and continuously updated. However, many lists what they have on their websites or offer access to their music databases. In any case, you need assurance that what you want will be at your event.

    TIP #2 >>> Just because D.J.s have the music doesn’t mean they will bring it to your event. Ask how much music they take with them to events like yours. If it’s not much, beware. Though some events might need just a tiny amount of music, many require a colossal amount. If something is important enough, demand it be there.

    3) Do you want a D.J. with a solid music program or be flexible?

    Take requests or not? Play your requests on-demand or when they feel they can fit in without altering the dance floor or mood? As always, this is entirely up to you. I can’t stress this strongly enough – get the D.J. that will do it your way.

    4) Make sure the Evansville  DJ. has the right equipment for your event.

    Be sure to state the approximate number of people attending (some D.J.s don’t have the equipment to handle significant events). State whether the event is indoors or outdoors, or both. Will equipment be moved from one place to another during the event? If specific equipment is required, such as a wireless microphone, tape, or CD players, ensure the D.J. service has this since not all do. Lights, fog, bubbles, novelties like inflatable instruments or theme? Want them or don’t want them – tell the D.J. before getting a rate estimate (price quote).

    5) Ask how much experience they have working events similar to yours.

    If it doesn’t make a difference, that’s OK. But if something has to go right, it would be advantageous to have someone with experience who can deal with unexpected last-second changes, twists, curves, and turns that always seem to come up. A good D.J. can help smooth over potential awkward moments.

    6) Match the Evansville DJ. to the place of an event.

    7) Due to direct sunlight on equipment (a dangerous situation) or the threat of rain, not all D.J.s will work outdoors using their gear.

    8) Computer [MP3/Music Files] versus CD, Vinyl, and other formats. Which is the best format?

    I can’t say. Honest! All formats can do an excellent job and have advantages & disadvantages. Just insist that the music you want is brought to your event and that the D.J. can properly segue (blend songs) and continuously deliver good sound.

    • In the case of MP3s/music files (computer/laptop systems). Ask if there is some emergency backup music playing capability in the event of a hard drive going bad or a corrupted program (not a music file – but the program that controls the music files).
    • The vinyl record requires a rock-solid floor/stage and is limited to the amount of music brought to your event.
    • D.J.s using C.D.s should be using anti-skip cd players (when performing, three cd players should be available if one quits works).

    TIP >>> Here’s a general guideline for music files:

    One hundred ninety-two kbps is good; 128 and under is usually poorer quality. Through headphones, it’s little difference, but through a P.A. (public address sound system) could be a big difference unless the P.A. is equipped with extra sound enhancement. It’s OK to ask computer D.J.s what number of kbps files (or comparable quality rating) they play at events.

    9) After signing a contract, do you want an additional meeting (or meetings) in person before your event to go over details?

    Not all D.J.s can do this – especially part-time D.J.s who make their living from a different line of work, so find out before hiring a D.J.

    D.J.s For Weddings, Banquets, and Formal Events: Specific questions to ask.

    1) Do they know how to work with photographers, videographers, and related personnel?

    Don’t take this for granted. Everybody must coordinate actions so that significant moments are handled, photographed, and video graphed correctly.

    2) Will they set up their equipment before your guests arrive? Will that cost extra?

    3) If you don’t have an event coordinator (someone to oversee formalities and other details), can the D.J. help you with this?

    The good D.J.s can.

    4) Do they own or rent formal attire?

    If they rent, will you get charged extra?

    If you’re planning a wedding in Southern Indiana or Western Kentucky and want a remarkable wedding D.J., Contact the wedding professionals at Spectrum Sound. And schedule a Free, no-hassle consult to get pricing; call us at (812) 401-4931.



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