About Us

Welcome to Spectrum Sound, the foremost wedding DJ and private celebration event services provider in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. We are your dedicated partner in creating unforgettable experiences that will make your special day memorable. With years of expertise and a genuine passion for music, our highly skilled team of DJs and Master of Ceremonies is committed to ensuring the success of your event, whether it’s a private celebration or a wedding.

Our Services:

At Spectrum Sound, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance the fun and excitement of your day. Our top priority is delivering a fantastic experience for you and your guests. Our services include hiring talented DJs, providing state-of-the-art photo booths, assisting with expert lighting planning, and offering various entertainment options. We understand that your event is multifaceted, and we are equipped to handle every aspect.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Meticulous Planning and Production: We spend hours meticulously planning and producing your event to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.
  2. Exceptional Performance Time: Up to 6 hours of exceptional performance time to keep the energy high and the celebration unforgettable.

Transparency in Pricing:

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Our goal is to provide you with the best value without compromising quality. By understanding your specific needs, we can tailor a package that aligns with your budget and delivers the results you expect.

Our Priorities:

  1. Results: We offer a range of options to meet your desired outcomes for your special day. We aim to eliminate surprises and ensure your wedding day exceeds your expectations.
  2. Feasibility: We work closely with you to find a feasible solution for both parties, considering your budgetary concerns and providing an accurate quote tailored to your needs.
  3. Professionalism: Our experienced team ensures a seamless flow of events, working harmoniously with your photographer and videographer. As your dedicated MC, we will be your go-to person throughout the night, ensuring everything runs smoothly according to the timeline we build together in advance.

Meet Terry Tunks:

I’m Terry Tunks, and I invite you to spend a few minutes discussing your upcoming event with us. Our mission is to listen attentively and help transform your vision into reality on your wedding day. We specialize in creating an atmosphere where guests let loose, sing at the top of their lungs, and dance the night away.

Why Spectrum Sound:

Imagine your wedding day and envision our dedicated team working tirelessly to make your vision come true. Our tri-state company has thrived on consistent referrals from happy couples. We take pride in our meticulous care and extensive experience, guaranteeing a memorable day that fulfills all your dreams.

Selecting the right company for your special event is crucial, as the day’s success hinges on the entertainment and overall atmosphere. You deserve peace of mind by creating the wedding of your dreams with Spectrum Sound.

Ready to Begin Your Journey:

Embarking on the journey of planning one of the most memorable days of your life may seem overwhelming. However, arranging a meeting with us at spectrumsound.com will simplify the process. Let us discuss how we can set your event on the right path toward a beautiful and unforgettable day. We look forward to helping you create memories that last a lifetime.

Pricing & Entertainment Packages

Note: Our rates have been updated as of 1/3/2015.

Spectrum Sounds Pricing Philosophy

What’s perfect wedding reception entertainment worth to you? Most of our couples have never planned a wedding, and while they may know how much they want to spend overall, they will have no clue how much to budget for any specific vendor. How do I know this is true? Because I planned a wedding, and to this day, my wife and I will occasionally discuss what we would have done differently at our wedding now that we are older than then. The things that were important to us at first (price, food selection, tablecloth colors, style of our cake) were not nearly as important after seeing horrible photographs of our ceremony and reception because we did not want to spend too much money on our photographer—a huge mistake that we regret to this day!

Ten years later, most of my friends can’t tell me what they ate and drank or what my wedding cake looked like, but they can tell me many of the songs they danced to and how much fun they had overall. So, what is my planning advice for engaged couples? Don’t set a budget that can’t match your expectations, and most importantly, don’t try to save a few dollars per guest by getting an inexperienced vendor that will disappoint you on your big day. “You get what you pay for” is a popular saying about any service industry, and almost every year, I have at least one bride who will call and apologize for not booking Spectrum Sound DJs because they chose a cheaper DJ (maybe only cheaper by $200) that ruined their reception. Experienced vendors (not just DJs) cost a little more in the wedding industry, but if you want a quality event, they are worth every penny.

In what order should you book your wedding vendors? Getting honest price quotes in the wedding DJ industry should not be complicated.

Have you noticed something about wedding DJ prices? Most disc jockeys won’t give you their price until you call or meet them in person, or they will charge a “premium” for their experienced entertainers and add hidden charges not mentioned on their website or during your call. Others will not publish how much experience their disc jockeys have (or don’t have), so you assume that everyone in their company is equally talented. I’ve been told repeatedly at industry trade shows and association meetings that I should not publish my rates. Why not, I ask? I’d rather be honest with my clients.

At Spectrum Sound DJs, we think our clients are smart cookies, and given some basic knowledge of our services, pricing, and available options from this site, they can decide whether to proceed with a no-cost, no-pressure consultation. When we set our prices, we looked at the rates of other disc jockeys referred by our industry peers (the same venues and wedding planners that also refer business to Spectrum Sound DJs). We established packages that were fair in price and superior in value to our competition. Call to learn about our stress-free wedding booking process.

Spectrum Sound DJs Wedding Entertainment Packages – Prices reflect a 3% discount for payment by cash/check.

*Note: Unless noted otherwise, the event start time is calculated from the time your guests are scheduled to arrive at your venue. This is to ensure your event is professional from start to finish in the eyes of your guests. There is no charge for travel within 60 miles (one way) of your venue from the 47710 zip code, and there is never a charge for our equipment setup or breakdown time—a $ 1/mile travel fee (each way) after the first 60 one-way miles. A 50% deposit is required to secure your event date. The final payment is due by check ten business days before your event. Credit cards are accepted but subject to a 3% service charge. Prices are valid until January 1, 2017. Discounts or special deals (when offered) cannot be combined with any other offer or special 2015-2016) or continue reading.

Package #1 – “Reception Only” $1,400

Up to 5-6 hours of entertainment, initial consultation at a location convenient for you, helpful planning documents and personalized entertainment consultation, a guaranteed DJ/MC that you will meet at your initial consultation and work with from start to finish, one professional DJ system (single room) for up to 250 guests, 250,000+ song CD/MP3 library with the latest hits in all music genres, 3G/4G wireless web access for instant downloads of any guest request (if you wish the DJ to accept guest requests) not already on site, professional wireless microphones (for toasts, blessing, announcements etc.). The additional hourly rate for this package is $300.00/hour.

Package #2 – “Ceremony & Reception” $1,600

All the amenities of Package #1, with up to 5-6 hours of total ceremony/reception entertainment plus a second mini-DJ system for your ceremony music and officiant’s or live musician’s amplification (package includes up to 2 professional wireless microphones, additional microphones available for $50/ea.). In addition, if your cocktail hour is within range of your ceremony location (it does not require the DJ to move the equipment), the second DJ system for this package can also be used at no extra charge to provide cocktail hour music. The additional hourly rate for this package is $250.00/hour.

Package #3 – “Ceremony, Cocktails & Reception” $1,900

Our Most Popular Package! All the amenities of Package #2, with up to 7 hours of total ceremony/cocktail/reception entertainment plus a third mini-DJ system for cocktail music in a location other than your ceremony or reception area. The additional hourly rate for this package is $250.00/hour.

Package #4 – “The Deluxe Wedding” $2,300

All the amenities of Package #3, with up to 7 hours of total ceremony/cocktail/reception entertainment, plus up to 8 LED “up lights” to highlight the walls and columns in a single color throughout your reception space.

Additional LED light fixtures are available at $30.00/fixture. The linked multi-color LED uplighting effect is available for an additional $200. The additional hourly rate for this package is $300.00/hour.

Package #5 – “The Nightclub Wedding” $2,800

All the amenities of Package #4, for up to 7 hours of total ceremony/cocktail/reception entertainment, a nightclub-style light show on the dance floor complete with laser/liquid sky effects and multi-colored gobos moving in unison to the music, plus a lighting technician to assist your DJ with lighting effects setup and production.

Additional LED light fixtures are available at $30.00/fixture. The linked multi-color LED uplighting effect is available for an additional $200. The personalized bride/groom gobo spotlight is available for an additional $250.00 fee. The different hourly rate for this package is $250.00/hour.

Package #6 – “The Ultimate Wedding” $3,000

All of the amenities of Package #5, for up to 7 hours of total ceremony/cocktail/reception entertainment plus an 8-12 minute video montage we create as the backdrop to either your first dance, cake cutting, father/daughter dance, or mother/son dance (or any other time of your choosing). Your completed DVD is yours to keep after the event.

You provide 100-150 photographs or digital photo files and your choice of songs that will be played during the montage – photos or files must be provided at least four weeks before your event. We give a laptop or DVD player, multimedia projector, and screen or LED TV. Add $200 if you want us to create your DVD or PowerPoint presentation from 75-125 photos or digital files.

Additional LED light fixtures are available at $30.00/fixture. The linked multi-color LED uplighting effect is available for an additional $200. The personalized bride/groom gobo spotlight is available for an additional $250.00 fee. The different hourly rate for this package is $250.00/hour.

“A la Carte” Services (add price shown to any package above)

  • Additional Mini DJ System $200/ea. If you’re having a ceremony or cocktail hour in an area other than your “main room,” you should consider adding a second DJ system to ensure you have music (or even amplification and use of professional wireless microphones for your minister/readers).
  • Additional Wireless Powered Speaker $200/ea. We now have professional-grade (TV station) wireless transmitters and receivers that can transmit HD audio sources from one room to another location within 200-300 feet (through walls on the same floor, but not always through floors of a building). The best application of this product is to reinforce sound from the dance floor to an adjacent room, lounge, bar, or foyer 50 feet or more from the dance floor.
  • Additional Entertainment Time: $150 per 30 minutes / $300 per hour. You can add additional time in advance if you know your exact start and end times, or you can add an extra 30 minutes or an hour if your dance floor is packed with people eager to keep dancing (which we know will be). This option can only be paid for by check or cash on the day of your event.
  • LED Uplighting: $35 per fixture (single color) / $50 per fixture (DMX-linked for multi-color changing). Available at a discounted rate in Spectrumsound.com Entertainment Packages #4, #5, and #6. LED uplights add color and sophistication to the walls, columns, and other interesting geometrical aspects of your reception, ceremony, or entrance space. Uplighting is best used in venues that lack non-dimmable lights or have light units programmed as “all areas or none,” leaving your guests in the dark or having a dance floor that is too bright. Add 12-20 units to cover most of your walls or just 6-10 fixtures to cover one “splash” wall. By using a DMX (a professional lighting protocol) connection and linking all of the units to a master wireless controller, you can have the lights fade in and out of colors during dinner and have them move to the beat of the music during dancing. If a single-color option is chosen, the client will select from a palate of 7 pre-programmed colors that most closely match their décor, and the lights will remain that same color all night (red, blue, green, white, purple, teal, amber/yellow). LED lights are compact and cool, and all wiring is neatly tucked or taped to prevent accidental tripping.
  • Nightclub-style Light Show: $350 Features intelligent light gobos moving in sync with the music. A fog machine (if your venue permits) or vapor hazer is also included to contrast the lights in a darkened room. If adding both a light show and more than 12 up lights, a lighting effects technician may be hired by Spectrum Sound at no additional cost to run the light effects, permitting your DJ to concentrate on music programming and audience interaction fully. The light show is used during the dancing portion of your event only unless otherwise requested.
  • Photo Video Montage: $300-$500 Equipment Only / $200 Additional for Presentation Creation A photo video montage is a great way to show friends and family the “story” of you and your fiancé/fiancée. You provide 75-150 photographs or digital photo files, and we create a slide show of your photos, set to the music you select. We provide the projector, screen, LCD TV, and DVD player (or laptop), and you provide us with the photos at least four weeks in advance. We return your photos (or files) at our final details meeting or your wedding (if you plan to go out of town). If you would rather have the photo montage loop on a 40″ LED TV, we can offer that equipment for the same $300 rate, or to have both, the fee is $500. If you want us to prepare the PowerPoint presentation or final DVD from your photos or digital files, you pay $200 more. You’ll receive the final presentation on CD or DVD on the day of your wedding in




Terry Tunks: 44 W Camp Ground Rd. Evansville, In 47710 812-401-4931


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