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  • YOU Can Ensure your day is Positive, Seamless, and Stress-free. Are you concerned about hiring entertainment that doesn’t reflect your musical tastes? Do you worry that you will have to micro-manage your chosen wedding professionals on your special day?

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    We specialize in creating an atmosphere where people let loose, sing at the top of their lungs, and spend all night dancing. Of course, your event décor will be beautiful, and the food will be delicious, but what your guests will remember is how much fun they had. And Spectrum Sound is here to make sure they have the best time. EVER. Let’s work toward have a flawless wedding reception.


    Wedding Reception

    Spectrum Sound takes pride in being reputable professionals who deliver an unbeatable DJ Service. We have changed the expectations of wedding parties and event planners for whom we have worked. Spectrum Sound provides a breakthrough service. We have built an impressive reputation due to our attention to detail, sensitivity, and considerable work ethic. We pride ourselves on being memorable DJs for the right reasons. We genuinely care that you are satisfied with the unique experience.

    We have built a diverse client base that recommends us because we are conscientious, responsible, and reliable. We have earned numerous glowing references. Our innovative solutions to complex requirements wowed clients. Our extensive effort to achieve the nearly impossible is evident to all who use our services.

    Spectrum Sound delivers a comprehensive service that makes us unique. However, we offer so much more. 

    DJ near me for wedding

    • A custom timeline/schedule that fulfills your requirements
    • A personal meeting with the bride, groom, and family members
    • Coordinating the flow with photographers, caterer, and other vendors
    • Master of Ceremony duties: Organizing the wedding party, making all announcements,  including introductions and all formalities
    • Programming and proper timing of the music and skillfully handling requests
    • Fun and personalized dance environment
    • Performing with an appropriate level of interaction that reflects your personality


    Have a Dream Wedding Reception ! Spectrum Sound DJ

    Wedding Reception

    We know that your wedding day WILL only happen once in your lifetime. It is our prerogative to get it right the first time every time. We only achieve this by listening closely to your needs and carefully planning and preparing the event to ensure it is successful. Allow us to detail our “unique” attributes so that you can reach an informed opinion...

    What makes Spectrum Sound Unique?

    Experience   We have provided our services for 30+ years, which means we have seen it all. We can facilitate the most unusual requests, comprehend potential problems, and address them.

     Collaboration   We work with your other hired professionals (photographer, caterer, venue manager, etc.) to create Synergy so that the day flows seamlessly.

    Details and Planning   We will meet with the prospective bride and groom several times to discuss arrangements and ensure clarity. We even visit the venue to visualize the setup and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

    Unique and Personal   Spectrum Sound do not believe weddings should be a generic experience. Each wedding should reflect the personality of both the bride and groom. We make an extra effort to address the most challenging requests, ensuring that your wedding is a personal, tailor-made occasion.

    Within Budget, Spectrum Sound is innovative and flexible, which guarantees we can design a cutting-edge program that does not exceed your budget. Feel free to discuss your budgetary concerns at our meeting.

    Spectrum Sound is renowned for providing an unforgettable experience. Most of our new clients have occurred through recommendations from other satisfied customers. We believe that this is a testament to the high-quality experience.

    Here is a small sample that reflects the feedback we receive:


    “At the reception, he was the man behind the scenes. First, he made sure the cake lady was ready for the announcement. Then, he brought us our first drink of the evening and set the tone for the evening. His voice is incredible and what I loved was that the reception was about us… I’ve been to a few where the DJs take over, and he was far from that.”

    “The first time I spoke with Terry, I immediately had an excellent rapport and felt that he was just as interested in our wedding as we were with his service. He always ensured the information was available if I needed questions answered and even helped me with other aspects of wedding planning. He has tremendous knowledge in the industry and knows how to make your wedding feel unique. So if you want things to feel well directed and smooth on your big day, I would recommend them!”

    “Terry tailored our day for us. We didn’t want to do things considered “traditional reception” events, like the bouquet toss and garter toss. But he didn’t try to push us into anything we didn’t want. Very respectful.”

    Why do people trust Spectrum Sound?

    Hire Credible DJs: we have performed for numerous events and have an outstanding reputation for providing cutting-edge entertainment.

    Reduce Stress: we are reliable, experienced professionals who are hard-working and highly organized.

    Tailor-made Experience: We provide a unique, individual experience for each customer that satisfies their requirements.

    Create Synergy: we collaborate with your photographer, caterer, venue manager, and more to ensure a cohesive wedding experience.

    Gain Excellent Customer Service: We are highly responsive to communication with clients and work hard to address your needs.

    Unbeatable Value: Our services are cost-effective without compromising on quality.

    Do not miss out. Please ensure that you book your date in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Ensure that doesn’t happen to you, and you gain the wedding that you deserve. Contact 812-401-4931 now!

    If you have any questions feedback or would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Terry Tunks

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    Wedding Reception

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    DJ Terry Tunks and his talented team of DJs have entertained at many thousands of wedding receptions and events over the years. Evansville, Indiana, Newburgh, Indiana, Owensboro, KY, and across Southern Indiana and Kentucky. In towns like JASPER, NEW HARMONY, FERDINAND, FRENCH LICK, WEST BADEN, HUNTINGBURG, AND SANTA CLAUS, In. They were based at one time in Louisville, KY, because of the sponsorship of Coca-Cola. However, SPECTRUM SOUND is just as comfortable entertaining small groups at a casual affair as 18,000 at the THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE DERBY CELEBRATION.

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    The day of your wedding is a magical time where you get to celebrate with those who mean the most. To help make this momentous occasion extraordinary, we at Spectrumsound.com put our expertise and creative minds together for an unforgettable experience just right around what's important about both events: YOU!