At Spectrum Sound, we believe every High School Dance should be fun!

Let’s face it, having the right music, and entertainment is the primary key to making your dance successful and fun. So your best choice is to hire a professional DJ who SPECIALIZES IN SCHOOL DANCES. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many people buy some equipment and claim they are professional DJs. WARNING: These amateurs can ruin your event!

We’ve been doing Fun High School Dances for 30 years!

We have special programs for middle, high, and elementary schools. In addition, our super fun programs of dance, music, and videos have entertained thousands of students through the years.

Here Are 3 Powerful Reasons You Should Let Us Help You Create the Ultimate School Dance

POWER REASON #1: RADIO-CLEAN VERSIONS of the hottest, most current music. We know what the kids want to hear but understand what music is appropriate. Therefore, we mix the best selection of only age-appropriate music that will make the kids sing, laugh, and dance like crazy but keep the parents happy. We are pleased to be the superior disc jockey service in Southern Indiana, responsible DJs, and followers of the School Dance Network. This resource delivers a weekly list of age-appropriate songs and music to avoid.

POWER REASON #2: MORE THAN JUST MUSIC! Line Dances, Super Fun Contests, Videos, and more! We can make your dance as spectacular as you want! We can work with your budget. We have impressive special effects, including lighting, fog machines, lasers, music videos, and more! Everyone will be talking about your dance for months!

POWER REASON #3: GREAT SOUND WITH BACKUP! You don’t have to worry about a thing. We never charge extra for providing great sound systems; we’ll have your event covered if you only need two speakers for your venue or a system with two subs and six speakers. I know a couple of horror stories about amateur DJs whose only system wasn’t loud enough, didn’t have enough bass, or, even worse, wouldn’t work when they got to the dance. So think about not having any music at your party—bad news.

Want to schedule your free consultation for your upcoming dance?

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Fun High School Dances– Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not answered below, please call us for prompt service!

How do Spectrum Sound DJs compare to other local companies?

Almost every local company performs school events almost as an afterthought to their primary business, typically weddings and corporate events. As a result, school activities are considered “easy” and often are assigned to less experienced DJs who tend to mess them up.

While we perform at weddings and other events, we have a dedicated team of school DJs who work almost exclusively at school and teen events. Our school DJs are better trained, equipped, and more experienced than local DJs. Unfortunately, school dances are easy and hard to do poorly.

We commit to our school clients some of our best performers, and as a result, most of our school clients have used Spectrum Sound exclusively for years and, in some cases, decades.


I read that your DJs only use “clean” music. What exactly does that mean?

“Clean” music refers to songs edited, sometimes heavily, from their original versions to make a new version suitable for radio airplay. These edited versions come to us directly from the record labels, so the edits are of the highest possible quality.

Sometimes these edits involve removing offensive words but leaving the beat. At the same time, other times, the record companies will make the artist record an album version and a radio version, each with different lyrics.

In either case, Spectrum Sound DJs only play songs compliant with FCC daytime radio broadcast standards. We cannot accept or play CDs or connect playback devices from students at events unless we have explicit approval from the school administration or client to play them.


If a song is “clean,” does that mean it is appropriate for all ages?

Unfortunately not. The clean edits of songs take out most profanity, and other content deemed explicit. However, the song’s thematic content remains unchanged, and innuendo is left unaltered.

This is where having an experienced and well-trained DJ becomes critical!

Our performers play a vastly different selection of music for elementary schools than they would for a high school or even a middle school. Even other counties have different standards for what can and cannot be played.

When you book with Spectrum Sound DJs, you are not just booking “a DJ.” Instead, you are booking a company with nearly four decades of experience working with local school systems to ensure that school dances stay fun for everyone.


We are planning a significant school event, expecting over 1000 students. Can you handle a crowd of that size?

Absolutely! We have invested heavily in our large-scale sound systems, which can easily accommodate up to 1500 guests outdoors and many more at indoor events. If you are planning an event more significant than that, you will likely need to contact a sound reinforcement company, as you will probably need to bring in a generator and other large equipment. The only limiting factor in how many guests we can play for is how much available power. If you are planning on staging a large-scale event, please get in touch with our office so we can discuss the details.


I have heard of schools having problems with inappropriate dancing. How do your DJs help to control this?

Numerous schools and even entire school districts have made new policies to control the suggestive form of dancing known as “freak dancing,” which has gotten a fair amount of media attention in the last year.

D dances are supposed to be fun gatherings of friends who have come to dance and socialize, which is much more challenging with floodlights being turned on and administrators having to police the crowd to enforce the policies. In such a situation, no one has as much fun as they could because, as much as the students don’t like having their dancing scrutinized, the administrators and teachers charged with enforcing the dancing rules probably aren’t having much fun. So there is a better way.

While there is virtually nothing that any DJ could do to stop inappropriate dancing entirely, this situation is again where our experience goes a long way. Our performers play much more than just a never-ending string of hip-hop tracks. We do our part to help diminish the occurrence of freak dancing by weaving together all of the top songs of the moment with party favorites from the past. In addition, we add group dances like the Cha Cha Slide and slow songs to change the tempo even further while maintaining a great party atmosphere.

The specific techniques which allow us to accomplish this were developed over many years and are now taught exclusively by our staff. Our willingness to work with students and administrators and our proactive approach to this issue have made Spectrum Sound DJs the number one most requested school disc jockey company in Indiana and Kentucky.


I am a student and would like to book Spectrum Sound DJs for a dance at my school. What do I need to do?

Well, you can start by just giving us a call! We are glad to speak with you about the details of your upcoming dance, including what kind of packages you may be interested in, costs, and options. After that conversation, we will have to complete the booking arrangements with someone employed by the school (usually a class sponsor or administrator) to ensure that all of the provisions are acceptable to the administration and get some information that students typically do not have. But give us a call to get started, so we can create an excellent package for your next event.

How far in advance do we need to book to ensure we can get a DJ?

The short answer is as soon as you know the date, the dance times, and where it will be held. Particularly for events in May, June, September, October, and December, reservations need to be made very quickly as we usually start booking events on these dates a year before. This is especially true if you would like to request a particular performer, limited availability packages such as our Music Video Dance and Black Light Dance Party packages, or if your event requires extensive planning assistance. Of course, you can instantly check our availability by clicking HERE or calling our office.

We have a very diverse student body. What kinds of music do you play for groups like that?

Today’s school systems are growing increasingly diverse regarding culture and musical tastes. As a result, we have and play music from various genres, including Top 40, pop, hip-hop, country, reggae, rock, reggaeton, salsa, merengue, house/techno, and more. Every month, we continually update our music collections with hits from these genres so that we can rock your next party no matter what your crowd.



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