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    A friend told me about her experience at a Bridal Show Roulette she attended SUNDAY. She walked up to one booth, and the first thing the DJ told her was, “I’m the best.” She said that she was instantly skeptical, and rightfully so. He hadn’t asked her a single question about her wedding, about her tastes in music, about any DJ’s she’s seen that she liked or disliked. No one DJ can be all things to all people. You may be attending a reception, sitting next to a friend of yours who’s also getting married. The DJ jumps up and says, “OK, let’s do the chicken dance!” and at the same time that you’re saying, “this DJ’s so corny,” you’re friend says, “I love this guy, we’ve got to’ that someone like him” (or vice-versa).

    So how do you figure out who you’re going to get? It’s hard to Bridal Show view or meet enough DJs to find the right one. So what’s a couple to do? Well, I have a self-serving suggestion. SpectrumSound.com has a staff of wedding-trained entertainers with various personalities, all with experience and training (I taught all of them myself). We’ll spend time with you finding out what music you like and what kind of personality you desire in a DJ.

    Any DJ you select should host all wedding traditions and introduce the bridal party fluidly. He should have a wide variety of music and motivate the crowd using both music and the microphone.

    Using these guidelines as a starting point, there’s a hell of a lot of room for interpretation. It’s up to you to tell us what you’ve seen in other DJ’s that you’ve liked and disliked, it’s up to us to ask you about aspects of our “show” and how you feel about it (do you want us to play the “Electric Slide” and would you prefer that we demonstrate it if necessary).

    In any case, your DJ should be able to motivate the crowd and host the reception, all while keeping the bride, groom, and their families as the center of attention (instead of themselves). As long as your wishes are clear and you’re confident that the company you’ve selected can deliver your vision, your day will happen just as you’ve planned it.

    Come in for a drink, listen to some music, learn about our programming, and see why Roulette has become one of Brooklyn’s most popular venues.

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    If you would like to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ professionals and MC’S in the TRI-STATE area, call my office at 1.812.401.4931, and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation.  Pick up the phone and call 1-812-401-4931 today!

    DJ/MC/VJ Terry Tunks and his talented team of entertainers have entertained thousands of events over the years. Evansville, Indiana, Newburgh, Indiana, Owensboro, KY, Southern Indiana, and Kentucky. In towns like JASPER, FERDINAND, FRENCH LICK, WEST BADEN, NEW HARMONY, HUNTINGBURG, AND SANTA CLAUS, IN. They were based in Louisville, KY, due to Coca–Cola’s sponsorship. However, SPECTRUM SOUND is just as comfortable entertaining small groups at a casual affair as 18,000 at the THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE DERBY CELEBRATION.

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    Spectrum Sound Serving as a DJ/MC/VJ, Lighting and Sound Technician, Event Planner Coordinator. Your Facilitator to Ensure your Special Event is an Enormous Success! All documents and Articles given by Terry Tunks and Spectrum Sound may not be reproduced in any form, including copying elements designed for personal and commercial use.

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    The day of your wedding is a magical time where you celebrate with those who mean the most. To help make this momentous occasion extraordinary, we at Spectrumsound.com put our expertise and creative minds together for an unforgettable experience just right around what's important about both events: YOU!