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Welcome to the premier Wedding DJ Reception service in Princeton, Indiana – where we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best in entertainment. As your Princeton, Indiana, Wedding DJ, we ensure a celebration beyond expectations.

Here’s what one jubilant bride, Danielle, had to say:

“Best DJ Service Ever! The Music Was So Good the dance floor was full, And the best part was You Got My Grandma to Do ‘The Wobble’ – Not an Easy Task at All.” ~ Danielle (A Jubilant Bride!!)

At Spectrum Sound, we offer more than just music; we provide an experience that blends elegance with excitement. Our expertly mixed tunes and just enough announcements create a seamless flow for your Princeton wedding.

We understand if you desire an elegant and fun wedding without the cheese factor. Are you worried about guests leaving early and the dance floor remaining empty? Are you concerned about hiring an over-the-top DJ who plays the wrong songs? We hear you, and we have the solutions.

Hi! I’m Terry Tunks, and I understand the challenges of finding the right DJ. Nothing is worse than a reception where guests aren’t having fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Many couples resist cheesiness and the cookie-cutter wedding formula. You CAN have a fun and elegant wedding that leaves your guests saying, “Wow! That was the best wedding reception EVER!”

Here’s how we achieve it:

  1. Tell Your Story: Share your unique journey through personalized touches.
  2. Involve Your Talented Guests: Showcase the talents of your friends and family during the celebration.
  3. Use Music that Creates Memories: Craft a playlist that resonates with meaningful moments.
  4. Get Your Guests Actively Involved: Encourage participation to make your wedding memorable.

Your wedding day should be unforgettable, unique, and enjoyable for all. We believe in making it unique and engaging for everyone involved.

Over the years, we’ve consistently delivered exceptional service, performing weddings in the TRI-STATE area. Let’s meet soon to discuss your vision for the perfect day. We offer video consultations for your convenience.

Experience a range of options, including live streaming, photographers, videographers, our DJs, photo booths, event enhancements, and more. Click the button and fill out the form to request more information.

Your dream wedding is just a step away!

            WE OFFER

  • Live Event Streaming:

    • Bring your event to a global audience with seamless live-streaming services, ensuring your special moments are shared with those who can’t be physically present.
  • Wedding Ceremony Production:

    • Elevate your wedding ceremony with professional production services, ensuring everything is captured and presented beautifully.
  • Video Pre-Planning:

    • Plan every detail of your video content, ensuring a well-thought-out and cohesive narrative for your event.
  • Wedding and Event Photography:

    • Capture the essence of your wedding or event with professional photography services that preserve the moments you’ll cherish forever.
  • Videographers:

    • Skilled videographers are dedicated to capturing your event’s essence and emotion, producing high-quality videos that tell your unique story.
  • Monogram / Logo Projection:

    • Personalize your event with monogram or logo projections, adding a unique touch to the ambiance and creating a memorable visual experience.
  • Complete Sound Library:

    • Access a comprehensive library of high-quality audio to tailor the sound of your event, ensuring a perfect auditory backdrop.
  • Complete Music Video Library:

    • Choose from an extensive collection of music videos to complement your event, adding visual flair to the auditory experience.
  • DJ Light Show (upon request):

    • Enhance the atmosphere with a dynamic light show synchronized with the music to create a visually captivating dance floor.
  • Customize your wedding with your style and music:

    • Tailor your wedding experience by selecting music that reflects your style, creating a unique and memorable celebration.
  • Ceremony Music:

    • Set the tone for your ceremony with carefully curated music selections, enhancing the emotional impact of each moment.
  • Video Guest Book:

    • Capture heartfelt messages and wishes from your guests with a video guest book, preserving their warm sentiments for years to come.
  • Flat Screen and Big Screen Projection:

    • Display your content on flat or big screens, ensuring everyone has a clear view of the critical moments during your event.
  • Cocktail Hour Music:

    • Create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during the cocktail hour with a curated selection of music that complements the mood.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Services Available:

    • Extend our professional services to your rehearsal dinner, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated prelude to your main event.
  • Wireless Microphones for Your Use or the Ceremony Sound:

    • Enjoy the freedom of movement and crystal-clear audio with wireless microphones, enhancing the clarity of speeches and vows.
  • Video Projection Service for slideshows:

    • Share your cherished memories through video projections, adding a personal touch to your event with custom slideshows.
  • Event Enhancements Décor and Effects:

    • Elevate the visual appeal of your event with enhancements, décor, and special effects that create a captivating and immersive experience.
  • Pics Photo Booth:

    • Add a playful and interactive element to your event with Pics Photo Booth, capturing candid moments and entertaining your guests.
  • LED Up Lighting:

    • Illuminate your venue with customizable LED uplighting, creating a vibrant and visually stunning ambiance that complements your event theme.
  • No Mileage or Travel Expenses under 60 miles
  • Fun!


DJ, Photobooth, Photography, Event Enhancements, and Videography Production – One-Stop Shopping for All the Tri-State! Ferdinand In, Evansville, Newburgh, Jasper, Huntingburg, Owensboro, Henderson, Louisville.

Let’s GET STARTED. You are busy. It would be best to have quick, honest info for planning your wedding.

Let us check the calendar.

We know that your wedding day WILL only happen once in your lifetime. It is our prerogative to get it right the first time. We only achieve this by listening closely to your needs and carefully planning and preparing the event to ensure success. Let us detail our “unique” attributes so that you can give an informed opinion...


What makes Spectrum Sound Unique?

Experience   We have provided our services for 30+ years, which means we have seen it all. We can facilitate the most unusual requests, comprehend potential problems, and address them.

 Collaboration   We work with your other hired professionals (photographer, caterer, venue manager, etc.) to create Synergy so that the day flows seamlessly.

Details and Planning We will meet with the prospective bride and groom several times to discuss arrangements and ensure clarity. We even visited the venue to visualize the setup and ensure nothing was overlooked.

Unique and Personal   Spectrum Sound does not believe weddings should be a generic experience. ach wedding should reflect the personality of both the bride and groom. Therefore, we make an extra effort to address the most challenging requests, ensuring that your wedding is a personal, tailor-made occasion.

Within Budget, Spectrum Sound is innovative and flexible, guaranteeing we can design a cutting-edge program that does not exceed your budget. Feel free to discuss your budgetary concerns at our meeting.

Spectrum Sound is renowned for providing an unforgettable experience. Most of our new clients have occurred through recommendations from other satisfied customers. This is a testament to the high-quality experience.

Here is a small sample that reflects the feedback we receive:


“At the reception, he was the man behind the scenes. First, he made sure the cake lady was ready for the announcement. Then, he brought us our first evening drink and set the tone for the evening. His voice is incredible, and I loved that the reception was about us; I’ve been to a few where the DJs take over, and he was far from that.”

“The first time I spoke with Terry, I immediately had an excellent rapport and felt he was just as interested in our wedding as we were in his service. He always ensured the information was available if I needed questions answered and even helped me with other aspects of wedding planning. He has tremendous knowledge in the industry and knows how to make your wedding feel unique. So, if you want things to feel well-directed and smooth on your big day, I recommend them!”

“Terry tailored our day for us. We didn’t want to do things considered “traditional reception” events, like the bouquet toss and garter toss. But he didn’t try to push us into anything we didn’t want. Very respectful!

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What other enhancements do you offer?

Monogram Name in Lights

Wow, your guests, by branding your wedding by designing your monogram. You might have your monogram on printed materials like save the dates, invitations, menus, cocktail napkins, favors, gift bags, …anywhere! But don’t stop there… it can also be displayed prominently at your reception! This bright, crisp, customized image can be projected anywhere you like. Choose a wall or put it on the dance floor! This is the real deal if you want something to pop. You won’t have to worry. It won’t go unnoticed. And it’s even available to display in colors!

Multi-Media Slide Shows

Many clients want to show a video or photo montage. Depending on the layouts, we can provide the projector and have different video screens to showcase your movie during your reception. Also, we make sure everyone can hear everything as well. These slide shows are great for dinner, so we typically run the show for about an hour. However, other arrangements can be made. For example, some people switch to playing music videos during dancing.

Terry Tunks: 44 W Camp Ground Rd. Evansville, In 47710 812-401-4931


Spectrum Sound Email:
Phone: (812) 401-4931


Wedding DJ In Princeton
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You’ve already said “I do” to the person of your dreams, now it’s time to say “I do” to the wedding DJ of your dreams. You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now, it’s going to be a reality.

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