• 7 costly misconceptions about hiring a DJ

  • 7 costly misconceptions about hiring a DJ

    Costly Misconception #1

    Thinking That All DJs Are The Same

    There are many folks that can pony up the money for really nice
    equipment and are capable of plugging in and playing some tunes,
    but very few who have enough experience in entertaining an audience
    Moreover, organizing the smooth flow of a reception to fill the thimble. This is
    where you must be very tough-minded and asking your prospective DJ
    Where the experience comes from. It is a mistake to think that a person
    who has only “club” or “corporate” experience can get through a wedding

    An inexperienced DJ may be able to get through a simple birthday party
    alternatively, backyard gathering, but where they really can reek havoc is at a
    wedding reception where timing, organization, and flow are vitally
    important. Be sure to obtain a list of wedding reception specific
    references. The best advice I can give you is that whatever DJ or
    the company you hire, you better be sure that there is someone there who
    has a strong track record and fundamentals of performing wedding


    Costly Misconception #2


    Your DJ is entirely responsible for the smooth flow of your reception.
    The DJ will be your “Entertainment Director,” who will create & execute
    The agenda for the entire evening. This role is primarily amplified if you
    are not using the services of a wedding consultant.

    You will benefit from the experience of a wedding entertainment DJ
    professional. They will be able to guide you through all formalities, and
    Give you suggestions to make your day unique and unforgettable. An
    Suggestionsentertainer will use their expertise to incorporate yourIdeas
    for the program. However, don’t just hire a “yes” man. Be sure
    that the entertainer is giving you the real scoop, and not just telling you
    what he thinks you want to hear.


    Costly Misconception #7


    No two wedding receptions should be alike. Your reception
    represent the first time you and your spouse are throwing
    A gathering as husband and wife. It should be an extension
    Of your personality and style. A big mistake is allowing an
    entertainer to do their usual “shtick,” making your day a
    carbon copy of every other wedding for the year.

    How are you sure the DJ will make your day unique? Simply
    See if he or she asks you what you are looking for. Be wary
    of the DJ that just touts his music list, equipment, and
    achievements. See if they ask you what you are looking for,
    first, and then offer you the right solutions to make your day


    Costly Misconception #3


    Every year I get some calls from brides in “panic.” For one
    reason or another, they cannot find a DJ entertainer available for
    Their date. Even worse, I have heard more than few brides say
    that the DJ they got “through a friend: has disappeared, and left
    Them in the lurch. What makes this, even more, scarier is that now
    their choices have gone from “who is the best DJ for them” to
    being forced to hire whoever may be available.
    With no time left to research, and with so many other details
    hanging over them, finding the right DJ will be more about random
    Luck than an educated decision. Don’t let this happen to you.

    The truth is, the best, most popular DJ entertainers will be booked
    more than six to twelve months in advance, in some cases up to 2
    Alternatively, three years. If you begin your entertainment research early enough,
    and you discover a great entertainer, don’t think that he will be
    Available if you call weeks later. It  is hard enough to find that
    perfect entertainer-the one who makes you comfortable, someone
    You like, and who understands your tastes. It only makes sense that
    You secure your date right away with a written agreement. In most
    cases, DJs see their calendar as their “inventory” and cannot hold a
    date without a written agreement and a retainer.


    Costly Misconception #5


    There is a common misconception that the longer the party
    Is, the more fun it is. Many brides get carried away in thinking
    that they should party till they drop, but I want to point out
    the reality: In many cases, if your guests have attended your
    ceremony and will be with you all day, it is a longer day than
    You might think. Your special day will be infinitely more
    memorable if you end on a high note, as opposed to stretching
    it until only a few guests remain standing.

    Setting up the perfect final song, with everyone on the dance
    the floor will result in cheering guests, a proper send-off, and raving
    Reviews from your loved ones. Extending only conjures up visions
    of the last call at the bar with only the hardcore partiers stumbling
    Their way out the door. A perfect time-frame for a wedding
    reception not including the ceremony is 3 to 4 hour for an afternoon
    reception, and no more than 5 to 6 hours for an evening reception
    That includes cocktail hour. Friday and Sunday receptions should
    Lean towards the shorter side. Bottom line: The decision to extend
    The party is best judged on-site. Plan a reasonable end time, discuss
    the ability to add time as an option.


    Costly Misconception #6


    Wow! this is a biggie. Of course, the price is a factor when hiring your DJ,
    but don’t let it be the single deciding factor. Is the highest priced
    performer always the best? Not necessarily, but on the other hand,
    hiring the least expensive entertainer is rarely the way to go either.
    Inexperienced brides often mistakenly think of DJs as a “dime a dozen”,
    or a commodity.

    The fact is that each DJ entertainer is unique. Like every profession,
    there are some who are great, others mediocre, and other who should
    Never be allowed to perform! You need to decide on the performer that
    is most qualified to perform your reception, that you are comfortable with
    (since the DJ will be representing you and your family), and that has the
    Proper experience and credentials. Understand that DJs should not be
    hired by price alone and BEWARE of “suspiciously cheap” DJs, there
    may be a reason for it.

    Instead, decide on a price range that you can afford, check out a few in
    That range, and choose the best performer. Professional DJ rates are all
    Over the board. They range from under $1,000 to over $3,500 for a
    complete reception and are based on DJs popularity, demand, and
    availability. Because the DJ is responsible for over 80%
    of the success of your wedding reception, I recommend setting a range
    between 5% and 20% of your entire budget for your entertainment.


    Costly Misconception #4


    Auditioning a DJ at another bride’s wedding has been a
    Controversial subject. I will put it in a logical perspective
    Here, and give you the real scoop. Only ask yourself if
    you would want strangers walking into your reception
    (often in street clothes) for the purpose of seeing one of
    Your vendors? It is not the proper time or place to audition
    A DJ. There are several reasons why it is not even useful for
    anyone involved.

    First, it is an obviously uncomfortable position for both
    The wedding party and the visiting party. Uninvited guests stand
    out like a sore thumb, and are an unwelcomed distraction.
    Second, unless the prospect sees the entire reception, they
    Don’t get any value out of the visit. Also, they are seeing
    someone else’s unique wedding, and unless the DJ is of the
    “cookie-cutter” variety, the prospect again will get no value
    Without knowing what is unique. Third and most importantly,
    it creates “split loyalty” from the DJ. The DJ may do things
    out of place just to show off for their prospect when they
    should be focusing 100% on the appropriate timing for their
    current client.

    There are better ways to audition your DJ. The right time
    Should be one on one, for a private consultation. A
    professional wedding DJ should be able to show you weddings
    they have performed on video, while they are right beside you
    To explain each and every detail. This also allows you to see
    all the different formalities and unique elements of their
    performance without crashing someone else’s wedding and
    holding up walls for 5 hours.


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